Out of the heart of the spectacular Madikwe Game Reserve, embraced by pristine bushveld nurtured by Mother Africa’s rich red soil, Etali Safari Lodge rises to meet you with lavish hospitality. Built in harmony with nature under the vibrant African sun, Etali is an exclusive, intimate haven, where body and soul are rejuvenated in surroundings created by people who understand luxury.


You’ll find the accommodation at Etali Safari Lodge sheer bliss in any one of our eight luxurious air-conditioned suites, each set apart for total privacy in its own bushveld domain. The mix of cool and earthy colours in the decor is a peaceful contrast to the unsurpassed beauty of the sweet-thorn Acacia trees outside. Cooling off in the splendid outdoor whirlpool, sipping a cocktail as you watch the breathtaking African sunset on your own deck is the ultimate indulgence. Nothing beats a long, lingering shower taken in our inside/outside showers with only a bird or little antelope as audience. Second to that may be to soak away in our partner bath and enjoy a relaxing bath therapy prepared by our therapist


Etali’s delectable cuisine is a contemporary fusion of traditional African with an Asian twist. Meals are light and healthy with lots of fresh seasonal and organically grown vegetables, fruit and herbs. There is no set menu as the chef extraordinaire selects only the best local produce daily to work his magic. Etali house wines are supplied by Glenwood Estate. We serve Glenwood Shiraz and Glenwood Semillon Sauvignon Blanc wines. Other than fine dining in our dining room or main deck, we offer traditional South African dinners in our 'lesaka' kraal built in stone. (Tswana elders used to gather in lesaka to discuss tribal issues), close to our water hole. Etali has a site where we serve bush breakfasts and dinners, weather permitting.


Our core philosophy of natural health is based on holism and incorporates healing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit, guaranteed to reawaken your five senses. Etali's state-of the-art Wellness Centre is a unique concept The design and layout of the cool, thatched, earthy toned secluded Wellness rooms, lends itself to a sense of ‘’space’’ allowing the soundtrack of the great outdoors to float in and lull you into a deep state of relaxation. You hear the echo of the elephants around the water hole and the weaverbirds tapping on the windows. This piece of undisturbed Africa is where nature is truly in its element… allowing you to discover how fantastically good you really can feel. Whether you are in need of pure self-indulgence, to commune with nature or detoxify the whole body, improve fitness levels or recover from illness or to simply relax and unwind from modern urban living then this is where you can instil a feeling of calm and relief. True relaxation is an art; let us show you… From the moment guests steps into Etali Wellness Centre a new experience awaits them each and every day.


Every day in the bush brings a new experience, as nature reveals her wealth of beauty.Enjoy the exciting unpredictability of an early-morning game drive with an expert ranger whose hawk-eyes will spot memorable moments …a leopard sitting on a rock licking his paws …the black rhino with attitude …the watchful matriarch elephant, bigger than you ever imagined …a pride of lions relaxing in the shade …grazing zebras forming patterns in the grass …the 'painted' wild dogs in their den …giraffes, the lookout towers of the bush. Madikwe has a vast diversity of birds with over 300 species recorded so far – perhaps you’ll be the one who adds another to the list. If you prefer, a sunset game drive is the best time to enjoy rush hour at the water hole. We offer two dame drives per day inclusive in our package.We also offer golf as an activity. We offer the choice between the lovely Phakalane Golf Estate in Gaberone only 45 minutes away or the Sun City 'Gary Player' golf course that is 2 hours away.

Bush Walks Get closer to the heartbeat of Africa by taking a walk through the bush. Your guide will explain the medicinal value of trees and plants, and delight you with stories of the magical powers often attributed to them, identify grass and bird species and pick the bitter-sweet fruit of a maroela for you to taste. An interesting phenomenon is the ‘Castles of Clay’, huge termite mounds. The top of the 'castle' always faces northwest, while the temperature inside the mound remains a constant 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Star Gazing Link to 'Sutherland' to see what tonight's sky will bring… For those of you fascinated by planets, the solar system or the wonder of the Southern skies, enrich your stay at Etali with an evening of stargazing. Explore the wonder of the Southern Cross, the awesome beauty of the Jewel Box, or the Milky Way at its best. Our telescope will allow you to focus on the best sightings for your time of stay. The night skies in the African bush are something very special. Millions of stars seem to shine with a brilliance and clarity that one can only enjoy far from the city lights. Planets, galaxies and star clusters all look spectacular in a small telescope in the dark skies of the bushveld.


From R 4,800.00 per person sharing per night, incl. of all meals and game drives
Children are welcome