The enhanced Sugar Beach is a blend of escape, excitement and indulgence, topped with cutting-edge facilities and thoughtful details, against a backdrop of plantation-style architecture. Sugar Beach, highlighted with the warm colours of the tropics and humming with the relaxed rhythm of life, has metamorphosised from classic colonial residence into palatial home. Sugar Beach is a Mauritian hideaway; a fairytale castle come to life. It is craggy mountains, powdery sand and endless gardens – a genuine celebration of scenery, space and serenity. Sugar Beach is your choice of tastes, refreshment, entertainment and experiences. It is pampering, nurturing and rejuvenation amidst breaking waves and warmly whispering wind.

The new Sugar Beach is warmth and coolness; wood and white; intimacy and air. Crisp and at the same time full of movement, its 200 rooms bring all of the peace of the outside, inside. In every room, every villa or in the Manor House, there is perfect harmony between comfort, class and beauty. The result: perfection. Right along its golden sands and across its lush rolling lawns, Sugar Beach sparkles. It is thousands of thoughtful modern details. It is the true mastery of the art of luxurious surprise.