Chongwe River Camp is situated on the confluence of the Chongwe and Zambezi Rivers, directly opposite Mana Pools. The Chongwe River is the boundary of the Lower Zambezi National Park, a four thousand square kilometre pristine sanctuary, teeming with game, and said to be one of the continent’s most picturesque wilderness areas. The camp from Chongwe River A policy of non-intrusive enjoyment of wildlife and low environmental impact has preserved the area and its wildlife.

The Lower Zambezi has become one of southern Africa’s premier destinations for peaceful game viewing and unparalleled tiger fish angling. The camp itself looks onto the confluence of the two rivers and the mountains of the escarpment to the north. Chongwe River Camp is a family owned and run business dedicated not only to providing your dream safari experience but also hospitality that can only be found in a home. Overview of Cassia Under a complete canopy of huge Winterthorn Acacias, the camp occupies an unrivalled location, used twice by David Livingstone on his travels, as did Courtney Selous, when he hunted in this, his favourite wilderness. Be warned! Chongwe River Camp is a luxury ‘bush camp’ situated in a wilderness area; elephant are more numerous than people in our Albida grove. There are no fences and the animals have complete right of way. Relax in our lounge Morning tea If you wish to enter into the spirit of non-intrusive enjoyment of wildlife, in a relaxed, natural setting, we offer the experience of a lifetime. Elephant visitor Luxury tents One does not have to even leave the camp to see and hear a wide variety of wildlife. Relaxing in the sitting out area over looking the river, one can see a constant procession of game coming down to drink as well as over 250 species of birds.


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