The island’s near perfect white coral beaches and breathtakingly beautiful shallows are just the tip of the tropical iceberg. Beneath the surface of the Vamizi seas is an outstanding reefscape – mountains, valleys, plateaux and cliffs- teeming with a bewildering amount of sea life, from whales, dolphins, turtles and reef sharks to gregorian corals and giant clams. Vamizi Island lies right by the point where the south equatorial current splits. The emergent cool and warm currents sustain unusually large amounts of microscopic plankton and krill, a major food source that supports a vast array of species – up to 46 types of coral and over 400 species of fish, alone. A glance at a marine map reveals another deep Vamizi secret: a sheer walled canyon that slips down to a kilometre below, meandering along the island’s eastern edge, providing dive sites beyond compare and coral habitats that have been deemed amongst the healthiest reef systems anywhere. Simply put, whether you want to dive, fish, swim or bob, this is the place.

Arching out of the Vamizi seas – twelve kilometres long and a kilometre wide – this whale-shaped curve of beach and bush is drenched in sunshine and breezes. The miles of unpadded white sand and wild bushy interior are also a sanctuary for samango monkeys, coconut crabs and the 112 species of tropical birds that live here, as well as being a haven for the more land-based creatures amongst us. Like the 100 turtles that nest on Vamizi’s empty shores and are irresistibly drawn to its peace, solitude and perfect harmony year after year, intrepid travellers and rarified pleasure seekers find it’s just the place to rest their weary fins.


Crusoe invented castaway chic, but Vamizi Island Lodge defines it, with thirteen impossibly romantic timber villas strung loosely along one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Simply grand or grandly simple – the Vamizi Island Lodge isn’t about the usual five star luxury and all mod cons, it’s about the more rarified pleasures of exclusive island life. Imagine wafting through muslin and filtered sunlight, flopping straight from your room into a private ocean and enjoying elegant lunches with your toes in the sand… It’s hard to compete with the perfect desert island, so we don’t. We just take what comes on the breeze, and mould it into a more civilized form.


From US $ 560.00 per person sharing per night, incl. of accommodation, all meals, soft drinks, local beer, house wine, basic spirits, bottled water and a daily laundry service » Guided activities – shore-based snorkeling, shore-based fishing, sea-kayaking, birding, walking trails, beach picnics, sailing on the dhow, windsurfing, Hobie Cat sailing.
Children are welcome

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