Fynbos, means “fine bush”, is a unique and strikingly beautiful group of flora endemic to a small section of the Western Cape of South Africa. There are only six floral kingdoms in the world, and fynbos not only constitutes one kingdom (the smallest) all on its own, but is the only one occurring entirely within one country. Fynbos has more diversity of species than in a tropical rainforest. There are 9000 species of fynbos occurring in the Cape area; over 2000 species on Table Mountain alone – which is more plant species than occur in the whole United Kingdom. Proteas, South Africa’s national flower, are part of the fynbos family, as is rooibos, a plant increasing in international popularity as a herbal tea. You can see and walk in fynbos in many areas in and around Cape Town, including on the slopes and top of Table Mountain, at Cape Point, and in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.