Hello lovely Bloggers. What are you doing this weekend? This Saturday we are have a masked halloween dinner party. Pics shall certainly follow. And on Sunday we are heading off to my favourite Cape Town spot – Kirstenbosch Gardens for a friend’s birthday picnic. I can hardly wait.

Summer is the picnic season! Having a picnic in the shade of a large, leafy tree is a fabulous way to enjoy the outdoors and the variety of delicious summer foods. So what do you put in your picnic basket? Tips For A Tasty, Healthy Picnic:
* Lean ham or chicken breast sandwiches on wholegrain, with sliced gherkins and Dijon mustard * Fresh summer fruit * Hummus and wholewheat pita bread * A green salad topped with grilled chicken, fresh pear slices and sprinkled with roasted seeds * Assorted cheeses with wholegrain crackers * Sliced vegetables and salad, like sugar snap peas, mini Italian tomatoes * For dessert, serve fresh strawberries with Nutella, as a chocolate dip.