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What’s good in and around Cape Town

Crayfish, mussels, seafood


Cape town is a seafood mecca. My faves are: • Willoughby and Co (www.willoughbyandco.co.za) • Ocean Basket (www.oceanbasket.co.za) • Seaforth Restaurant (www.seaforthrestaurant.co.za) • Black Marlin (www.blackmarlin.co.za) • Mariner’s Wharf (www.marinerswharf.com) • Fish on the Rocks [...]

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Coffee Shops


Where would we be without our favourite local coffree shop. My personal favourite is the much loved Afro-Portuguese chaos of Vida E Caffe to the roost-and-roast regulars at Greenpoint’s traditional Italian grocer, Giovanni’s, you’re likely [...]

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