Paul went on our 10 Day Botswana Safari! 

Hi Fiona, I just wanted to say that we had the most amazing trip! We’re now at a stop over in London before we head to San Francisco. The best part of the trip was by far the 10 day mobile safari with Penduka. We ended up with the owner, Willem, as our host and he was amazing. Great stories, Great host, Great guide – and we had a great group so everyone got along well. We’re actually now reading a booked published about Willem’s grandfather. It called The Ivory Trail. We just loved riding on top of their vehicle, which we named the Shrekster. One of the best days in my entire life was when we say cheetahs chasing impalas for breakfast (they did not do the kill – it was very half hearted), hippos, giraffass, lions eating a giraffe kills, wild dogs, buffalos, elephants and nearly every time of antelope (kudus, impalas, elands, etc). Everything went off well and as scheduled. Thank you again for your help. Willem spoke very highly of Cape Diversity, by the way. Best, Paul Foster 12 Sep 2011

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