Ubuntu =  African principal of humanity is a 4 week volunteer program
Volunteering in South Africa with children and orphans in the township.

Minimum stay:  4 weeks – Pax can stay for longer, but minimum stay of 4 weeks,
due to impact on the children

Accommodation: Yoga Shala – Back packer style accommodation / Volunteer house
Walking distance to project, with a home away from home feeling.

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Included :
Accommodation is on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis
Airport Transfers
Cape Town City Orientation on Red Bus
Township Orientation
Program mentorship & guidance

Excluded :
Additional tours & transfers
Medical / Travel Insurance

Project location : Masiphumelele Township, Cape Town. South Africa
A small township, in an eco-sensitive area, with 50 000 residents. Experience the vibrant
African culture whilst volunteering in this diverse and wonderful township. Many challenges
affect this community – poverty, unemployment, HIV and AIDS, crime, drugs. Your role
as a volunteer will be to help the women of the township, commonly referred to as
“mama’s”, in caring for the children.

Project description :
Your role as a volunteer will be to help the women of the township, commonly referred
to as “mama’s”, in caring for the children. Your job is to be a positive role model for the
children and to share your skills and experience with them. In so doing, helping to broaden
their minds, so that they meet young people from all over the world. You in turn will have a
deep experience of the African culture, as the children will share their traditional dances,
theatre pieces, songs and games with you. You will work closely with the African culture
and experience Ubuntu culture, Africa’s gift to the world.

All our township projects are under resourced and lack basic facilities. We work together with
the local women of the township, to create safe and happy spaces for the children. Slowly and
strategically helping to improve their environment. We work with vulnerable and orphaned
children, that have been affected by poverty. Not all our children come from vulnerable
situations, but many of them do. Our aim is to develop values among the children, value &
respect for their own lives and that of others.

COST : USD $ 1,400.00 per person (4 weeks) or EURO 1,275.00 per person (4 weeks)

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Why volunteer ?
Today’s world is about building character and experience – you might have studied
and got the degree; but to develop yourself as a person / human being is real progress.
If you are taking a gap year, or are thinking about changing your career, or at a
crossroads and needing time out – no better way to find one’s own direction, than to

Why pay to volunteer ?
Most of what you pay, goes on hard costs – accommodation, meals, transport, logistics,
co-ordinators and a percentage to the projects. In today’s world, no one can afford to
host anyone – with rising energy and related food costs, so instead of been a help,
one becomes a burden. Through volunteering, one is able to bring valuable  skills and
resource, during challenging times. The most important thing is that you are paying
to develop yourself as a person.