Stefani stayed at Madikwe Safari Lodge, in the malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve.

Hi Fiona, The trip was fantastic, but most importantly, Madikwe was the absolute highlight!! I was looking forward to it and it absolutely did not disappoint, in fact the actual lodge itself and the game drives too absolutely exceeded my expectations. It was spectacular. The lodges are divine, beautifuly set and just lovely really, you couldn’t wish for any thing more. The service was spectacular, again, you couldn’t wish for anything more. Actually my husband Dave said it really well when talking about the staff there, he said “you couldn’t wish for anything because they’d thought of it all before you could even think of it yourself”. It really was first class, from the second you get up in the morning, to your escort to your room in the evening.

The game drives were brilliant, we saw everything from leopards in trees, to lionesses with a kill for their 8 babies to eat (amazing!!) to a baby rhino, and everything in between. Being an Aussie girl and only having exposure to animals in zoos before this took things to a whole new level – I can never go to a zoo again!! Loved every second of it! Our only regret was that we didn’t stay longer, it was such a relaxing place that even another night there just relaxing would have been lovely! The transfer was excellent too – thank you so much for organising that. I really appreciate you and your teams help in accomodating us, particularly with all the backwards and forwards in the lead up to it, we really do appreciate your guidance and patience, your recommendations were spot on! Thank you so much again – have a great day! Stefani Chinn 25 May 2011