Surrounded by tranquillity of life’s natural cycles, the African bushveld is the ideal place to slow down a little, go back to basics and reconnect with yourself. Designed to provide a holistic experience for body and soul, Ilove-Africa’s yoga safaris combine the health benefits and serenity of the yoga discipline with the most peaceful and scenic natural settings. Set in Africa’s most iconic wilderness destinations, the safaris are led by renowned local and international yoga teachers and combine yoga and meditation classes with wildlife adventures. Soothe your spirit with a meditation session overlooking a tranquil watering hole or listen to the dawn sounds of the bush as you greet a brand new day with a yoga class in the open air.

Tailormade by travel experts and yoga teachers, the safaris are designed to suit your needs and interests. They are available at any of the six spectacular safari lodges at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve. The safaris are led by some of Africa’s top yoga teachers, internationally qualified and recognised in a variety of yoga disciplines. Our Yoga Travel Expert will help you select the right option for you, specialising in your preferred yoga style. Up to two yoga classes per day are interspersed with traditional game drives, leaving plenty of time for soothing massages and leisurely meditation sessions by the pool. You may find yourself doing stretching exercises out on the open savanna, watched by curious giraffe, or meditating atop a rocky escarpment that offers endless views.

For even more relaxation, you can choose to combine your yoga safari with a beach holiday on Africa’s sun-drenched coast.
If the thought of a yoga safari in the midst of the African bush has inspired you to dream of other beautiful settings for your workout session, contact us to find out what other adventures we can create for you in South Africa.

Yoga, meditation and wildlife adventures
At a glance:

• Tailor-made yoga safari
• Up to two daily yoga and meditation classes
• Twice daily game drives
• Expert yoga teachers
• Selection of yoga disciplines
• Available at a number of &Beyond lodges